aldo pedretti

After attending a "Liceo" specialising in art subjects and then a certificate of ”Film & Video Directing”,
i started a career in "Visualcommunication".
Visual arts, photography, new media and film language are the main elements characterizing my research.

In the early nineties I worked for some private television broadcasters with various jobs (directing, shooting, editing) for the realization of news, talk shows and documentaries.

In the second half of the nineties I worked with Mediawork. As a cameraman and editor alongside some of the leading journalists of the state television service (RAI), I realized various news and specials (Costume and Society, TG2 Health, etc..)

In the last nineties i edited the images of about 40 documentaries for the Swiss Italian TV, SAT 2000 and other clients and in many of these I played a role as director or co-author.

In the last 10 years I also was a cameraman in 32 ethnographic documentaries made in various parts of the world and produced by the documentary filmmaker and ethnologist Maurizio Leigheb on air on Rai 3 (Geo & Geo), Swiss Italian TV and Sky TV.

"Enawene Nawe" is my last documentary, where they recount the difficulties of an indigenous people of Mato Grosso after contact had with the civilized man and the environmental problems of the Amazon.