aldo pedretti

Graphics, computer graphics, directors of photography, copywriters, film directors, cameramens, art directors, editors, mother tongue and international speakers, musicians for original soundtracks, sound engineers, are part of the Visualcommunication for the realization of:

Advertising, fashion show and shows
-Video clips, back stage spots and promotional films

Business and Communication
-Interactive video-catalogues with introductory menu
-Specific business videos and institutional videos

Conventions and Special events

-A fly case facility is available with many cameras for any kind of show, event, convention and live performance
-Possibility of using radio bridges and streaming videos

Medical conventions

-Live surgery and making scientific documentaries

Multimedia products for training and information

-Entertainments, educational, didactical, artistic and specific videos

Documentary and story

-We make films to promote the area and the company which operate in tourist trade as well as documentaries of any kind

DVD, BLU-RAY, web video, etc

-Interactive authoring with chapters, dynamics graphic and multimedia


Shooting and video editing
-Service ENG/EFP HD, Avid, Mac Editing System.